IXA and CTRMS are Official Sections of The Transplantation Society


    get ready for a truly immersive virtual experience


    get ready for a truly immersive virtual experience

Program at a glance (as April 2021 - subject to change)
Listed in Eastern Daylight Time (New York Time)
Thursday, September 23, 2021 Friday, September 24, 2021 Saturday, September 25, 2021
Introduction and Welcome - 08:00-08:05 CTRMS Business Meeting - 13:30-14:00 Introduction and Welcome - 09:00-09:05
Plenary Session 1
IXA Business Meeting and Awards - 15:00-16:00 IXA-CTRMS Special Awards Session
Thematic Break - 09:10-09:25 Industry Satallite Symposia - 16:15-17:00 Thematic Break - 10:35-10:45
Parallel Sessions - 09:25-10:30 Introduction and Welcome - 17:00-17:05 Industry Satallite Symposia - 10:45-11:30
Parallel Session 1 Parallel Session 2 Plenary Session 2
Abstract Sessions - 11:30-12:40
Thematic Break - 10:30-10:45 Thematic Break - 18:10-18:25 Abstract Session 5 Abstract Session 6
Abstract Sessions - 10:45-11:55 Parallel Sessions - 18:25-19:30 Thematic Break - 12:40-12:50
Abstract Session 1 Abstract Session 2 Parallel Session 3 Parallel Session 4 Parallel Sessions - 12:50-13:55
Closing of the day  11:55-12:00 Thematic Break - 19:30-19:45 Parallel Session 5 Parallel Session 6
Industry Satallite Symposia - 12:00-12:45 Abstract Sessions - 19:45-20:55 Closing of the day  13:55-14:00
  Abstract Session 3 Abstract Session 4  
Closing of the day  20:55-21:00


  • Cellular Strategies to Prevent Graft Rejection

  • Gene Editing to Hide Grafts From the Immune System

  • Islet transplant

  • Liver Replacement Therapy – Liver xenotransplantation or hepatocyte transplantation?

  • Moving to the Clinic: Issues and barriers

  • Novel Technologies for Transplantation

  • Organoids and Organ Engineering

  • Pig Genetic Engineering – Its potential role in cell transplantation


  • The Joint IXA-CTRMS Virtual Congress will be spread over 3 days, with each offering a program of 4 to 5 hours filled with thought-provoking presentations and networking opportunities.

  • The timings of each day will vary to facilitate the participation of our global community.

  • The program will include keynote presentations, state-of-the-art symposia, and best oral abstract sessions providing updates on cutting-edge research.

  • All sessions will allow for interaction with speakers and attendees via the live chat function, as well as the opportunity to take part in live polls and send questions to presenters.

  • Thematic group discussions will provide forums to engage with and learn from fellow international practitioners, researchers, and key opinion leaders.

  • Sessions will be available live and on-demand with access to the entire scientific content for up to 12 months after the Congress.
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